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WinEr School ERP System


Teaching staffs in many of the institutions are spending more time in non teaching jobs than teaching jobs. By using WinER efficiency of teaching and non teaching staffs can be improved.

Teaching tasks Non teaching tasks
Generation of mark cards. Admission management
Promotion List and other consolidated reports Fee collection and reports
Attendance marking and reports. Tc generation and record maintenance
Student analysis and reporting's Staff Performance analysis

Faster Communications

Communication between school, parents and staff can be improved by using SMS mechanism. Circulars can be delivered to teaching staff, non teaching staff and parents in less than a minute.

Following are some other automated SMS and Voice Call communications possible using WinER

*Sending of exam result as SMS.
*Fee Reminders as SMS.
*Fee Bill Confirmation.
*Auto absent notification to parents.


More secure than manual record keeping mechanism. Un authorized users cannot access confidential data. Every actions can be traceable to the exact user.

Better Control and Organized Record keeping

By using WinER records can be organized effectively and reduce duplicate records. WinER proved better control over the administration process.

Schools Residential, CBSE, ICSE, Matriculation, State

  • *System Modules
  • *Admission
  • *Student Manager
  • *Staff Manager
  • *Fee Manager
  • *Attendance Manager
  • *Exam Manager
  • *Class Manager
  • *SMS Manager
  • *Promotion Manager
  • *Calendar
  • *Alumni Record Management
  • *Certificates Generator
  • *Knowledge Manager
  • *Parent/Student Login
  • *Hostel Manager
  • *Library
  • *Time Table
  • *Transportation
  • *Inventory
  • *Voice Call Manager
  • *IVR System
  • *RFID Management
  • *Cafeteria POS Billing System

Admission Manager

  • #Create Admission Enquiry
  • #Ranking of the Students
  • #Joining Fee management
  • #Automated Seat Allotment
  • #Create Admission lists to Excel

Student Manager

  • #Enroll Students
  • #Search students and verify the details.
  • #Search students on the basis of class, division, area , gender, blood group, religion type caste
  • #Medical and Disciplinary Record management
  • #Cancel students enrolment
  • #Automated Roll number generation
  • #Transfer Certificate Generation. (automated validate of dues.)

Fee Manager

  • #Create fee
  • #Fee schedule ( student base, class base and advanced)
  • #Collect fee
  • #Generate bill
  • #Fee refund
  • #View and cancel bill
  • #Reports (Academic year, refund report, unpaid report, transaction report)

Staff Manager

  • #Create staff
  • #Search staff
  • #Staff details (Education qualification/Contact/Address/Experience etc)
  • #Staff Timetable / Locate Staff
  • #Class wise staff performance analysis
  • #Teacher wise performance report
  • #Staff resignation

Exam Manager

  • #Automated Creation of Mark cards
  • #Result as SMS and Voice Calls
  • #Student/Staff Performance analysis.
  • #Class wise exam report
  • #Subject wise report
  • #Combined exams reports

Attendance Manager

  • #Manual and Automated Attendance Marking
  • #Automated Present-IN/OUT SMS and Absent SMS to Parents
  • #Identification of regular Late comers.
  • #Students details ( Weekly, Monthly and yearly)
  • #Students details attendance
  • #Class attendance report

Class Manager

  • #Assign Teachers and Subjects
  • #Bulk import of Students from Excel
  • #Export of class wise student reports to excel
  • #Division changes

Promotion Manager

  • #Create Promotion list based of performance of students
  • #Promote a group of students or the class itself
  • #Options for doing manual or automatic promotion

SMS Manager

  • #Selective circular
  • #SMS Circulars to Parents
  • #Send circular to staff
  • #Fee Due SMS
  • #Fee collection SMS
  • #Exam schedule SMS
  • #Performance SMS
  • #Daily Absent SMS
  • #Daily –Present In Time SMS
  • #Daily – Out Time SMS
    • Knowledge Manager

      • #Google like search in school.
      • #Search for singers, dancers, medical issues, etc
      • #Search for full history of student – (joining, all activities etc.)


      Knowledge Manager

      • #Search, find and issue the books
      • #Indicates about the books that should be returned on that day
      • #Integrated with bar code readers

      Time Table

      • #Entire time table is created in seconds
      • #Replacing of staff is possible
      • #Time table helps to find where the staff at that point of time
      • #Can find out which staff is free and can be allocated to other class


      • #Manage the transportation department
      • #Create Routes and Trips
      • #Student Trip Management
      • #Trip based SMS

      Parent login

      • #Parents are provide with separate username and password to login to online system
      • #Access Exam Performance
      • #Attendance Details
      • #Medical and Disciplinary details
      • #View School calendar and announcements


      • *All assets such as bench, desk, computers , boards etc can be managed.
      • *Location wise asset reports
      • *Asset movement and issues.


      • #Allotment of rooms
      • #Fees based on room types
      • #Fee Discounts
      • #Approvals
      • #Floor wise room view

      Optional Services

      • *Voice Calls to Parents
      • *IVR Systems
      • *RFID Based Automated Attendance manager
      • *Gate pass Management
      • *Interactive Board

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